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Sand Dunes

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What is the Demining Research Community?


We are a nonprofit organization researching and developing innovative uses of remote sensing and machine learning to improve the efficiency and safety of landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.

We are working towards providing demining organizations with free software to assist in the safer detection of millions of landmines and UXO worldwide. Our philosophy is rooted in bridging the gap between humanitarian mine action and academia.


The Demining Research Community was founded by members of Binghamton University’s Geophysics and Remote Sensing Lab, a team of interdisciplinary scientists with backgrounds in remote sensing, geophysics, computer science, archeology, and geology. An academic exploration turned nonprofit, the DRC has a tireless dedication to do good in the world by conducting and applying rigorous scientific research.


Aiding demining efforts with cutting edge AI and drone technology


Landmines contaminate at least 60 countries and caused at least 7,073 casualties in 2021. Support our research to be part of the solution.


Detecting antipersonnel mines

Detecting unexploded ordnance

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