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Become part of the Demining Research Community!

If you are interested in being involved with our organization or just looking for a new resume item, please apply to help us reach our goals and maximize the amount of good we can do in the world.

All positions are unpaid with a expected time allowance of 5 to 10 hours / week.

Perks of volunteering with the DRC:
  • Make a difference in the world by contributing to the important and neglected field of humanitarian demining
  • Complete flexibility in working hours
  • Collaborate in a small team of driven and forward-thinking individuals

Send an email to with the position you are interested in, your resume and 200-300 words about why you are qualified for that position.

Machine Learning / Software Engineer

As a machine learning / software engineer volunteer for the DRC, you will be instrumental in the development of our packaged software solutions for deminers.
  • Use PyTorch to train and evaluate machine learning models to help detect real landmines and UXO
  • Build systems to automatically label new data collected by deminers
  • Design software systems that will be easy to use and effective for deminers
  • Proficiency in Python is necessary
  • Experience with machine learning is a plus

Grant Writer / Researcher

The DRC relies in large part on grants to perform it's cutting-edge research. As a grant writer and researcher, you will enable the DRC to continue developing life-saving AI and drone systems.

  • You will assist in researching and drafting appropriate grants to fund R&D, field testing and deployments of demining technology
  • An elegant and convincing writing style is necessary
  • Experience in obtaining grants for nonprofits is necessary

Fundraising Specialist

As a fundraising specialist for the DRC, you will communicate to our audience our specific funding needs and encourage them to donate.
  • You will assist in designing and executing fundraising campaigns to help fund the DRC
  • You will help develop crowdfunding campaigns (kickstarter, gofundme) as well as forming relationships with potential larger donors
  • An elegant and convincing writing style is necessary
  • Experience in fundraising for nonprofits is necessary

Product Development Specialist / Market Researcher

Humanitarian demining and technology development for deminers have been largely separate...until now. You will seek to understand the varied challenges that deminers face on a daily basis and communicate these challenges to those developing our technology, ensuring we are putting our energy in the right places.
  • You will collaborate with deminers to understand what problems they face in the field and what technology solutions would help them clear mines faster and more safely
  • You will engage with those deploying our technology in the field to understand how our technology is providing them value and how we could provide them more value
  • You will communicate to our interdisciplinary technology development team the ideal prioritization of product improvements based on your findings
  • Experience with business development or entrepreneurship is necessary
  • Knowledge about the Lean Startup method is a plus

Digital Marketing Specialist


The DRC is growing rapidly. We need a reliable and competent digital marketing specialist to keep our audience and donors engaged and informed on our exciting developments.

  • You will use social media, our website and our monthly newsletter to engage with and inform those interested in the Demining Research Community
  • An elegant and convincing writing style is necessary
  • Experience in social media marketing is necessary
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